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A solar irrigation pump system methods needs to take account of the fact that demand for irrigation system water will vary throughout the year. Peak demand during the irrigation system seasons is often more than twice the average demand. This means that solar pumps for irrigation are under-utilized for most of the year. Attention should be paid to the system of irrigation water distribution and application to the crops. The irrigation pump system should minimize water losses, without imposing significant additional head on the irrigation pumping system and be of low cost.


In practice, there are so many types of Solar Irrigation pump system methods that are handled careful feasible study, design, installation and maintenance by SRI-VI Tech & Systems.


The output of a solar pumping system is very dependent on good irrigation system design derived from accurate site and demand data. It is therefore essential that accurate assumptions are made regarding irrigation water demand/pattern of use and irrigation water availability including well yield and expected drawdown. Contact us to start your irrigation system design.


solar Irrigation
Solar Irrigation

WHY Solar Power?

1. By producing Solar power and using it in your home or industry, you will save 100% Electricity cost depending on your load requirement.

2. The PV panels are IEC standard proven technology and are capable of working efficiency upto 25 years.

3. In our country, it is viable to produce & use solar power throughout the day and even in night using power storage battery.

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Why Sri-vi Tech?

SRI-VI Tech & Systems is certified by Renewable Energy Division, MSME – DI, Chennai, a Govt of India Organization to promote the solar Energy. Our team is made up of designers, engineers, project managers, consultants, logistics and support staff. By designing, installing and sourcing, a wide variety of other solar technologies SRI-VI TECH & SYSTEMS can offer the best solutions to suit planning needs, budgets and architectural demands.

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