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For the Generation of Solar power we need the following components to install.

These above components are united in one circuit as seen in below picture


Solar Energy working, Srivi tech


Solar Charge Controllers

We will supply a wide range of solar PV charge controllers for solar home lighting systems. Charge controllers, which protect battery from over charging and/or excessive discharge, are the essential components of Solar PV systems. These solar charge controllers are built with best materials which results in outstanding performance. The solar charge controller uses PWM charging technology, so that as the battery reaches full charge, the PWM pulses slower, gradually tapering off the charge. The charge controller is used to regulate the current flowing from the solar panels to the batteries.  These solar controllers prevent the battery from the damages caused by overcharge and disconnect the battery in case of severe discharge by shutting of loads.


Solar Charge Controller, Srivi techSolar Charge Controller, Srivi tech

Solar PV Modules

We offers high-quality silicon Photovoltaic Modules: a clean, reliable and economical source of energy.    Our Solar PV Modules range from 3 Wp to 250 Wp and feature: We takes great pride in continuously supplying innovative, top-quality products for our customers. Our solar power Installation capacity is from 100W to 20KW  


Solar module, Srivi techSolar module range, srivi tech


Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters that are widely used to convert DC power into AC.  The sine wave inverter is the best for Solar Home and Industrial purposes which protects the appliances you are using.


 250W Inverter, Srivi Tech


Advantages of Sine Wave over Square Wave


Sine Wave

Square Wave

Clean green power supply same as the Mains
100% Assurance for quality of power supply that is safe for your appliances
Increases battery life  
No humming noise  
Increases gadget efficiency  
Compromises on power quality due to inefficiency
Is harmful for life of your appliances
Decreases battery life  
Produces humming noise in fans, tube-lights and other gadgets
Decreases gadget efficiency  

WHY Solar Power?

1. By producing Solar power and using it in your home or industry, you will save 100% Electricity cost depending on your load requirement.

2. The PV panels are IEC standard proven technology and are capable of working efficiency upto 25 years.

3. In our country, it is viable to produce & use solar power throughout the day and even in night using power storage battery.

why solar, srivi tech, chennai


Why Sri-vi Tech?

SRI-VI Tech & Systems is certified by Renewable Energy Division, MSME – DI, Chennai, a Govt of India Organization to promote the solar Energy. Our team is made up of designers, engineers, project managers, consultants, logistics and support staff. By designing, installing and sourcing, a wide variety of other solar technologies SRI-VI TECH & SYSTEMS can offer the best solutions to suit planning needs, budgets and architectural demands.

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