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If you are upset with frequent power cuts and increasing power bills, then go for solar energy. Opting for electrification through solar energy will not only ensure better electricity supply but also bring relief from load shedding. Our Indian govenment is encouraging this option by providing subsidy for installing the Home & Industry solar power system. The home solar power system is fast catching up in the city due to its long-term benefits, affordability and solution to frequent power cuts.


Unlike thermal energy, solar energy generation is completely environment friendly.
Let us make our state a self sufficient in its energy requirements in the near future.
“Say Good Bye to Low Current and Long Hours Power Failures”

Our Profile

SRI-VI TECH & SYSTEMS is one of the most experinced company in Electronics Industry at Chennai, Tamilnadu. We specializes in Hardware Design / Installation & Service and Project Management. Addressing the threat of power shortage in our country and keeping the future demand for power, we enter into the SOLAR ENERGY SECTOR. We have the capability for the production of high qulaity electricity through solar energy for Home and Industry with affordable small investment.


SRI-VI TECH & SYSTEM is one of the Green Solar Energy suppliers to the Home / Industry Applications and has the capable of ON GRID Supply. We have the confidance that solar energy is a key solution to alleviate the growing energy crisis, and is vital for sustainability and combating global warming.



Solar Irrigation
MSME CertificateThangaraj, SRI-VI Tech, Chennai

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WHY Solar Power?

1. By producing Solar power and using it in your home or industry, you will save 100% Electricity cost depending on your load requirement.

2. The PV panels are IEC standard proven technology and are capable of working efficiency upto 25 years.

3. In our country, it is viable to produce & use solar power throughout the day and even in night using power storage battery.

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Why Sri-vi Tech?

SRI-VI Tech & Systems is certified by Renewable Energy Division, MSME – DI, Chennai, a Govt of India Organization to promote the solar Energy. Our team is made up of designers, engineers, project managers, consultants, logistics and support staff. By designing, installing and sourcing, a wide variety of other solar technologies SRI-VI TECH & SYSTEMS can offer the best solutions to suit planning needs, budgets and architectural demands.

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